File Storage

Store file on IPFS Cloud


Host your public documents files such as presentations, business brochure, digital banners etc.


Host your royalty free musics or self-recorded audio clip files.


Host royalty free videos, your personal videos and share it with the world.


Host your images and share them with your loved ones.

Amazing Features

Endereum IPFS Drive is better than traditional cloud drive. It is distributed, secure, and awesome. Our file management platform has some amazing features. You will probably not find, these features with any other IPFS platform.

1. Select IPFS Network

Chose IPFS Public or Private network, before you upload file.

2. Advance Stats

You can get IPFS Hash of each file. Use Hash to fetch your from file from any IPFS connected server. You can also enable analytics for your important files.

3. Privacy

Control with whom you want to share your files. On public server, your file will be private until its hash is exposed!

4. Smart Miners

Use our smart miners to connect with your IPFS account and be a part of our private network.

Public IPFS Cloud

Store your files on IPFS and access them from anywhere. You never need to worry about the server or getting your files lost. Until IPFS distributed network is up and running. You have unlimited* space and file limit on your free account and you don't need to pay unless you are using our private IPFS Cloud.

Private IPFS Cloud

Our private IPFS distributed network allows you to host your file and share it privately at a minimal cost. Don't want to buy! Connect with our network using our IPFS client and be a part of our network. Host your files from your own PC without any limitations.

Why Us?

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Private IPFS Nodes

Our Pricing

Our Pricing & Plans

per month
  • Unlimited IPFS Storage
  • 5GB Private IPFS storage
  • Secure Gateway for 1k Files
  • Real-time Support
per month
  • Unlimited IPFS Storage
  • 50GB Private IPFS storage
  • Secure Gateway for 2k Files
  • Real-time Support
per month
  • Unlimited IPFS Storage
  • 500GB+ Private IPFS storage
  • Secure Gateway for 10k+ Files
  • Real-time Support
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Thousands Of Smiles

Very good application, very impressived.

- Lisa Richard
Hi-tech company

It is a new and very impressived app, I will try and introduce to my friends.

- Larry Marshall
Fintec specilist

Very good features and really easy to use.

- Zhenzhen
Insurance company

Easy to download and use, very good application.

- Wenqing
Government officer

I will teach my students and kids to use it and learn to storage their pictures.

- Taoma
Teacher in kindergarten

I will upload my company previous accounting records and receipts in this app.Try to save my cloud storage cost.

- Yanyan
Rental company owner
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